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What Kind of Men do Russian Girls Prefer for Marriage /Serious Relationship?

A lot of foreigners wonder what kind of men is interesting for Russian girls. For them it’s important to know what kind of character, behavior and communication skills a man should have. After all, only a few people can answer this question, but on the subconscious level there are some conjectures and opinions. In this article you will learn how to become a man of the dream, what the methods exist to improve yourself and what features of character you should avoid. If a man is not able to change himself, then nobody can change him. But only a passionate desire and knowledge about what a man should really be, will allow you to change for the better, if it’s necessary.
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Actually Russian women note, that there are some features that they prefer. More detailed information you can find hereinafter.

A man should be a man. In fact, everything is simple and if you don’t know what a man should be, then keep in mind that he must be himself, and not to play any other role. A man is an earner and a defender, and therefore, he performs only all that is necessary for a happy and stable life of himself and his family. When a man becomes a woman, can’t work, feed a family and don’t try to make her happy then he destroys his natural inclination and thereby makes life miserable.

A man should be honest. The most important thing is that a man should be honest and not deceive himself first. If you like a woman and you suit each other, and then you need to act and make sure that the woman herself understands and seduces the man. If everything happens the other way around, when a man runs after a woman, then he becomes weaker than she is. As a result, such a man is no longer needed to a woman and becomes uninteresting for her. Don’t deceive yourself and then you will become a real man and in relation to people. Find out: how to find your style to interest Russian beauty.

How to Get What You Want in Relationship

A man must be brave. Of course, not everyone knows what a man should be, but in fact, courage is the most important quality of a man. No girl and woman will want to be with a man, who is unsure of himself. Therefore, instead of running after beautiful girls, it would be more useful for a man to develop his courage and success in life. In this case he needs to work more and be occupied by his favorite deeds.
Russian women note

A man must be strong. A man must also be strong, but strength doesn’t mean the physical manifestation. In the modern world, man's strength is no longer in the muscles, but in knowledge, success, money and power. In the past, cavemen valued the physical strength of a man, since it was the main tool for food extraction. Today, to get food, money is needed and it is necessary to be strong in knowledge, ingenuity and the right way of thinking in order to earn it.

A man should be faithful to one woman. To be a real man, he must be faithful to only one beloved woman. Therefore, if a man begins to cheat on his woman and run after other girls, he becomes weaker and loses his male core. Otherwise, neither man nor woman can love each other and as a result of betrayal the divorce comes to families.

A man must look after himself. Of course, a man should to some extent monitor his appearance and hygiene, but in any case he shouldn’t be narcissus. If a man becomes overly addicted to his appearance, he turns into a woman and is unlikely to build a successful relationship in the future. But this does not mean that you don’t need to monitor yourself, the sooner all the way around, a man should be groomed, nice to look and have a pleasant smell.
What do Russian Girls

But now we would like to present some character features that annoys beautiful girls.

A man should not be a liar. Folk wisdom says: once - an accident, twice - a coincidence, three times - a regularity. This applies to any untruth. It's one thing when tales are told to each other by experienced hunters, and quite another - when a man lies to a woman. Women don’t trust a person who regularly deceives them not only in small things, but also in important one. Of course, excessive suspicion is not the best feature of a woman, but if anew friend tells that he works in a bank, and in a conversation with friends he mentions a care center as a workplace, it's worth thinking about. The reasons why a man says a lie about himself can be quite harmless, for example, he is embarrassed to admit that his place of work is not prestigious, but in any case, if a woman knows that he is lying, she won’t start relationship with him.

A man should not hide his marital status. Usually men, who, for example, want to get acquainted and submit ads about themselves on special websites on the Internet, don’t hide their marital status. Under the photo in the dating section, a woman can read that he is married or not. However, even more often it happens that men try to hide their marital status, and then wondering how to hide the betrayal. Sometimes a man assures that he is on the verge of a divorce, he and his wife have had family crisis, and from day to day he will be free from marriage bonds, but in fact nothing like this happens - he continues to communicate with wife, and generally behaves like an exemplary family man. In this case Russian woman will also refuse build relationship with a man. More detailed information you can find at: What do Russian Girls Want in Relationship with Foreigners?

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