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Russian Women, Who are They?

Have you ever wondered why some of the Russian brides are surrounded by the attention of the men from different countries, while others have huge problems with their personal lives? Is it the fate, or probably, the luck? Well, okay, 5% of 100% can be attributed to the fate. But what about the other 95%? At our online dating service you have the opportunity to meet beautiful girls from Russia and learn all main qualities that make foreigners fall in love with Russian women. That’s why we would like to present some facts about Russian girls and peculiarities of their nature.
love with Russian women

The appearance of an ideal Russian bride. It’s not a secret that man love with their eyes. Even after 30 years of marriage, any representative of the stronger sex wants his wife to look attractive. But if the lady, for some reason, believes that she has the right to forget about what beauty- masters and hairdressers are needed for, she risks to lose everything: not only the man of her dreams but also self-respect and even family. Of course, the destruction of the family doesn’t always happen as a result of the loss of the attractiveness, the reasons are much greater, but often, the woman's outward untidiness pushes her husband away, releasing him into the arms of some beautiful woman.

That’s why Russian girls perfectly know how important the appearance is. They try to take care of their appearance, even if they don’t have enough time. Slavic beauties visit gym regularly; they never walk in terrible dressing gowns or ragged sports at home or outside.

7 Tips How to Impress a Russian Woman

Behavior. It's not a secret that every man wants his woman to treat him with respect, recognize his dignity, and admire him. And of course, every man wants to take part in solving some problems related to the family and relations with his woman. It is important for a man to feel important for his soul mate. That’s why Russian brides understand these subtleties and not hurt in any way the male ego. And, of course, if a man is serious about a girl, he treats her not only as a partner in bed, but sees in her the future mistress and the mother of their children. The ideal Slavic girl and cigarettes, alcohol, club nightlife - stand on opposite sides of the barricade.

Femininity. One of the most important characteristics of Russian girl is femininity. Any man wants to be next to a girl tender and feminine, well-groomed and neat. The wise man say this: “Femininity is a state of mind. It is important to keep this state in any situations. In general, if your boyfriend loves you - you are his ideal. Such as it is, real, with its own merits and demerits, but you are ideal for him”. That’s why Russian woman tries to love herself and move through life with her head held high.
ideal Russian bride

Sense of humor. This is also one of the most important features. A woman doesn’t have to constantly joke, tell anecdotes, be a merry-joker. A sense of humor is a euphemism, a descriptive construction that carries a hidden meaning. With girls who have a healthy sense of humor, it's much easier to get acquainted than with those who hide their feelings under the guise of indifference. Girls with a good sense of humor are often quite emotional. For men, this is another sign that they will not be bored in bed. Women with a good sense of humor intrigue foreign men. After all, a healthy sense of humor implies not only cheerfulness and a positive outlook on life. It also says that the girl is intelligent, because she knows how to play tricks. This quality is also given to it by a kind of cunning, to which men are so willingly pursued. (Read more: Is a Sense of Humor Important for Russian Brides?)

Intelligence of Russian women. You can safely spit in the face of those hens who claim that the modern gentlemen like only foolish girls! Actually it isn’t true. Brainless silicone ladies attract only insecure men, who only need beautiful and stupid dolls instead of intelligent loving and caring bride. But if you’ve decided to start the family with Russian wife, we assure you, that she’s really smart person.

Russian lady:

• Work in a field that is more or less relevant to intellectual work;

• Is an interesting interlocutor;

• Doesn’t think that Hawaii is in Africa, and the dominant is a man who loves to play dominoes;

• Reads every time when she has opportunity, because she believes that a woman with a book looks incredibly sexy;

• Is smarter and wiser, but at the same time she never push aggressively out her mental abilities, trying to humiliate a man.

family with Russian wife

Also, the most evident character features of Russian women are:

• She’s strong. When man is in trouble or he wants to show weakness, Russian lady can lend her shoulder, and she does it in such a way not to offend the male ego.

• She’s sexy and knows how to please any man in a bed.

• She thinks about the future. She takes care of her health, don’t abuse alcohol, don’t squander all the money on clothes, is able to save money on global purchases, she wants to create a family and give birth to the children.

• She has job. Well, the gentlemen don’t like limited housewives and freeloaders who are only whining, sitting at home, that her husband earns little. That’s why it’s very important for Russian lady to get good education, to find a job and build successful career.

• She isn’t shy to show her love. It can be done in different ways: embraces, kisses, romantic surprises, a scene of jealousy (not too often), which will end with reconciliation in bed, reminders to put on a scarf, kind words - whatever.

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