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Is a Sense of Humor Important for Russian Brides?

Women tend to appreciate the male sense of humor. So, in the ads about dating, which can be found on the Internet, this quality is often called among the main virtues that an ideal companion of life should have. Grammer and Eilb-Eybesfeldt (1990) showed that according to the laughter of a woman, one can judge how successfully the relationship will develop. The more often a woman laughs the more chances a man has to subdue her. The results of the research have shown that a man seems more attractive as a partner when he has a sense of humor. Additional studies have shown that humor is associated with good social adaptation. Researchers have seen that girls are not interested in jokes on their own. Their attention is directed to the person who jokes. So a man should learn a few jokes before going to a party. Other works also confirm this observation. Thus, Feingold (1981) showed that in a student environment, young people with a sense of humor are judged as more attractive.
feature Russian women

Bur why do Russian women prefer men with a sense of humor? Of course women don’t like to be bored, they prefer to have fun and laugh, but at the same time, psychologists who study behavioral features believe that it is far from easy to explain this female trait. Evolutionary psychologists believe that it's not just the pleasure that gives a laugh. Manifesting a sense of humor, a person shows his social and intellectual skills. The woman takes care of the future offspring and therefore prefers men who can pass on their talents and inclinations to children. In addition, a sense of humor, apparently, helps a man succeed in life and provide a comfortable existence for himself and for his children. Finally, when all material needs are met, the opportunity to laugh will never be superfluous.

If you ask one of the Russian brides about what kind of a man should be next to her, she will list a lot of qualities, but among them there is "a sense of humor." Why is it so important for the fair sex? Is it really important in a relationship? In fact, it really plays a major role. The fact is that when a man himself doesn’t know how to wit and joke and also doesn’t understand the jokes of others, it can easily be called a bored guy. It’s really hard to be with such a person, because it becomes simply boring, or such a man needs exactly the same woman next to him, only then they can harmoniously exist.
Russian woman from American

It isn’t a secret that laughter contributes to the development of a hormone such as endorphin, that is, the hormone of happiness, perhaps that's why women on a subconscious level try to find such a man who could make them laugh and thereby charge with happiness and positive. In addition, it is necessary to underline, that jokes contribute to the fact that a woman begins to trust the man more. But what is common between trust and a good joke? The answer is clear: when the lady laughs, she completely disconnects all the protective mechanisms, she ceases to comprehend this or that situation, at this moment she believes almost in everything and doesn’t doubt in anything, therefore the best deceivers are those men who have a wonderful sense of humor.

Actually, this process is similar to the effect of alcohol on the brain, because alcohol easily blurs the brain and lulls the vigilance. Good jokes work about the same, there is complete relaxation. It’s also humor that allows Russian woman to see in the chosen one only positive qualities of character, so she is fascinated by him and perceives him as the ideal man.
allows Russian woman

A sense of humor is more important than an attractive appearance for a man, and Russian ladies don’t hesitate to talk about it. From beauty you can get tired, it can get bored, and if a man is witty, he will always think of how to entertain his chosen one, fill her life with new emotions, accordingly, make her happier. Talking about female sense of humor, it’s important to point out that a large number of men hide from cheerful women because of their uncertainty or fear of being in the shadows. Actually such men are weak and rarely attract women’s attention, it’s possible to say that this feature Russian women hate about men.

But let’s talk why girls with sense of humor are ideal brides.

1. When you meet a witty girl, it's hard not to understand that ingenuity is hidden behind this smile. If a woman constantly makes you smile, laugh, it's not accidental - such a girl is perfectly aware that sometimes she has some power over you. She knows how to criticize in such a way that no one offends; she knows how to find the right moment to shed light on the situation, and you would never confuse her sense of humor with rudeness. To get tired of a girl who constantly makes you think is almost impossible.

2. She doesn’t need high heels to be attractive. There are girls who care only about their appearance. These women are often more pleasant to observe than to communicate with them. It is almost impossible to build long-term relationships with such women. Irrespective of what they wear or what filter they choose before uploading photos to the Instagram, women with a good sense of humor will always draw your attention - when they want it.

3. She’s confident. Cheerful women usually know that they are funny and they aren’t afraid to show this. This feature differs Russian woman from American one.

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