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Do Russian Women Differ from American (Western) Women?

Two different worlds – two different mentalities. You must live in Russia in order to understand the mentality of people. When we’re faced with the culture of another country, we evaluate it from our point of view. And this evaluation is very subjective, because it depends on the conditions in which we live and the mentality of particular country. But when we talk about Russian women, we try to compare them with women from the USA or other countries, and find the difference between them. Americans and Europeans know little about Russian girls, but these women have won the title of expensive brides, even on American spaces. There are some differences between Slavic women and women of another nation. Let's find out, Russian women, who are they.

Russian Women Differ from American

Health care. In America there are a lot of obese young people, especially in the southern states. Some of American women practice sports, but for the majority of girls, gym is like a nightmare, and the try to avoid any physical exercises. As for Russian women, they really care about their appearance. They practice diet, different physical exercises, try to be slim and healthy. It’s important for them to look great in any situation. They are rarely overweight – they still walk a lot because they don't have cars, and don't eat junk food.

Style and clothes. Americans dress in the way that everyone is comfortable, and it’s possible to meet absolutely tastelessly dressed women in shops and restaurants. Russian girls and women dress up beautifully even when they just go to the store. For American women, the criteria for beauty are generally different. For Americans, convenience comes first. That's why everyone knows them as a nation, dressed all year round in shorts and sneakers, from morning till night doing jogging and simultaneously chewing burgers. Shorts in America - an invariable attribute of clothes from spring to autumn, regardless of gender and age.

Respect. Russian girls know how to present themselves. They choose clothes that emphasize the dignity of the figure, but at the same time they know how to behave in public. Real men don’t like "popular" girls who visit every party, that’s why Russian ladies are really humble and never share all the details of their personal lives. It’s possible to say that they have at least some kind of intrigue. These girls prefer reading a book at home on weekends, or spend free time with close friends and family.

Mentality. Americans don’t care what foreigners think about them. This is the mentality of a successful and confident person. They don’t care what kind of nationality you are. They will never condemn a person for his appearance. They won’t support a discrediting talk about someone, they don’t accept gossips. Parents never interrupt the adult life of children, don’t teach them how to live, which is more typical for Russians. American women will never say that they don’t like the gift, whether on Christmas or on their birthday, and will gasp and groan, as though they did not see the better present. And the next day they can go and return it back to the store.

Relations with Russian women

Romance. Relations with Ukrainian woman (especially before marriage) can be the best period in a man's life. Flowers, chocolate, beautiful words, passionate kisses and sincere involvement of women in this process - paradise, in general. Russian woman, as a rule, gives herself completely to relationships and enjoys them as frantically as a man. But the situation is completely different with American women. In such relationships there’s no gentle and beautiful words, you even don’t need flowers, gifts and courtships. Everything is clear, simple and... boring. American woman will not be able to give a man necessary energy and emotions. There is no need to rush through the whole city for the sake of a rendezvous, there will be no feeling of joyful excitement from the gifts. Relations with Russian women are "dashing driving on a roller coaster", and relations with the American girl are "measured rocking in a compartment of a train".

America is a feminized country and the image of a strong, business woman, careerist is sitting deep in the heads of American girls. Women are super heroes the usual thing, as on the poster Wonder Woman and the same image is formed by American guys. In America it’s quite normal if a woman earns more than a man. Moreover, there is such a thing as paternal leave, when at the birth of a child a man sits with a growing baby. In families where a man earns a lot of money, the wife mostly sits at home and deals with children, and also has some hobby, which is usually paid (interior decoration (design)). And even in a situation where a woman is not the main earner, she is still has the same rights as her husband. In cases of divorce, she will receive half the money of a rich husband.

expects from the Russian woman

But what is about Russian women? Russian girls are powerful because of love and support, and family life. And for Slavic girls it’s important to marry and give birth to the children! Russian girls are brought up in the spirit not to become a successful woman, but to successfully marry and find the support.

Russian girls are great housewives. These girls have ability to create coziness and comfort in the home. All Slavic women are famous for this talent. So the husband-foreigner expects from the Russian woman that she will happily keep the house clean all the time. And will allocate money for this, even if the woman herself doesn’t work. The main thing is to coordinate this moment with the candidate for husbands. (Read also Main Qualities That Make Foreigners Fall In Love With Russian Women)

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